Shaggy Chic Hosts “I Love Animals” Kids’ Art Contest June 01 2014



Lauren Arnold and sister, Emma, showing off Lauren's latest Kid POV design. Photo credit: Loudmouth Photography 

Shaggy Chic Hosts “I Love Animals” Kids’ Art Contest

Twelve Lucky Winners to be Featured on ‘Kid POV’ T-shirts

You know the saying ‘Kids say the darnedest things’? Well, Shaggy Chic believes kids draw the darnedest things and, to demonstrate this, are hosting an ‘I Love Animals’ art contest for children ages 5-17, with twelve lucky winners being featured as one of the company’s Kid POV collection t-shirts. The child may enter up to three drawings and can draw about any ‘animal’ they wish.   The deadline for submissions is Thursday, July 31st.  

The Kid POV collection was created by 10-year-old Lauren Arnold, who is the company’s resident youth designer. Her whimsical shirts showcase the innocence and magic of childhood…and the loving relationship of animals through a child’s eye. 

Currently, Lauren, who lives in Shady Shores, Texas, has two featured Kid POV shirts … Vincent van Dog, which highlights a dog painting a mutt-sterpiece on an easel, and Sit + Stay = Peanut Butter, an ode to a dog’s favorite snack. Three additional shirts will be revealed during the coming months.

When asked why she loved drawing, Lauren stated, “It’s fun and it makes people happy.” Lauren also loves to draw because she loves animals, with penguins being her favorites. Shaggy Chic can’t wait to see a penguin shirt from her!

The ‘I Love Animals’ art contest is open to all children from ages 5-17. Original artwork should be done in color and contain a message about the child’s love for animals. Artists should use white paper and place the page in landscape orientation, so that the paper is 8 ½ inches high and 11 inches wide.

Twelve drawings will be selected and reproduced as a Shaggy Chic Apparel Kid POV t-shirt. Each chosen artist will receive a $100 Toys R Us gift card and their winning shirt for each member of the immediate family.   Drawings should not be folded or stapled and must be received by the July 31st deadline.

Entries must include the artist’s name, parent name, parent email, mailing address, phone number, age and should be mailed flat in a large envelope to: Shaggy Chic Kids’ Art Contest; Attn: Valentino, the Director of Wag; P.O. Box 670483; Dallas, TX 75367-0483. For an official entry form and detailed submission rules, email